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Poly Vinyl Alcohol(PVA)

Brief Description

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) has stable chemical properties, non-toxic harmless and non-pollution, non-explosive. Polyvinyl alcohol is soluble in organic solvents containing hydroxyl, such as glycerol, glyoxal, phenol, etc. Polyvinyl alcohol hydroxyl in similar to alcohols, reaction with sodium to release hydrogen; reaction with sodium hydroxide to generate molecular compounds, it can also occur esterification, etherification and hydroformylation reaction. Polyvinyl alcohol is soluble in water, it is a soluble high molecular compound, its dissolution rate is a little different due to the different degree of polymerization, alcoholysis and the temperature.

User Industries

Adhesives, Plastic & Polymers, Paper

Principal / Supplier

Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Environment- Friendly Material Co., China

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