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Polycarbonate Sheets



Brief Description

MGC has more than 40 years of experience in Polycarbonate Sheet products since 1971.

• Iupilon Sheet and Film products are made by MGC Filsheet Co., Ltd. in Japan.

• MGC has full range of PC Sheet and Film products and supported by R&D teams.

Range of Polycarbonate Sheets:

Standard PC sheet, PC sheet with matte surface, Colored PC sheet, FR V0 sheet, PC + PMMA Co-extruded sheet, PC+PMMA+HC Co-extruded sheet, PC + Single side HC, PC + HC with matte surface, PC + Double side HC, PC + PMMA + Single side HC

Range of Polycarbonate Films:

Standard PC Film, PC sheet with matte surface, FR Film, PC + PMMA Film, PC + PMMA + HC Film

User Industries

Automotive, Electronics, Tablet PCs, Mobile Devices

Principal / Supplier

Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals, Japan

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