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PVC Compound: Benvic®

Matt Compound: i-Lux®

XLPE Compound: Polylink®

Brief Description

PVC compounds from Benvic are both available in granule and powder form (dry blend). This extended range covers all the processes: extrusion, injection, blow moulding, calendering, etc.

That allows us to offer solutions for different type of applications.

i-Lux® MF502H is matted polyolefin compound designed for use in BOPP. I-LUX MF500 series offers excellent matt property of high haze and low gloss as well as with very fine and smooth surface pattern. It is designed for use in extrusion blow molding offering excellent matt property, soft touch and resistance to impact. The range of Matt Compounds from Hyundai EP includes:

BOPP compound

IPP compound

Blown Film compound

Blow Molding compound

XLPE - Crosslinkable Polyethylene(XLPE) compound (Graftmer & Catalyst M/B) from Hyundai Engineering Plastics gives excellent heat & pressure resistance and superior impact strength with grafted silane to polymer chain.

Our principal Luxus draws upon unrivalled expertise and state-of-the-art recycling and compounding capabilities to serve a diverse range of global market sectors. Providing their customers with an environmentally responsible source of supply, they recycle most plastics and produce quality assured, high performance polymer compounds with and without a recycled content into the most demanding applications. Luxus' success is based on their ability to engineer high performance thermoplastics from prime and recycled polymer. Their process to enhance prime and recycled polymers by re engineering them with advanced technology, additives and colours to meet product and consumer demands is what we call 'Art, Science & Innovation'. Cutting edge process logic controlled twin & single screw technology provides unsurpassed repeatability and allows them to produce 45,000 tonnes of quality assured technical compounds

User Industries

PVC Compounds:

Automotive, Building & Architecture, Electro-technical Equipment, Fluid Transport, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals

Matt Compounds:

Food packaging film, Paper lamination, Cosmetic containers etc


Hot Water Pipe, Drinking Water Pipe, Aluminum Composite Pipe, Medium, Low voltage Wire/Cable

Recycled Compounds:

Automotive, Flexible/Rigid Packaging, Waste Containers, Civil Engineering, Domestic Products

Principal / Supplier

PVC Compound - Benvic

Matt Compound - Hyundai Engineering Plastics, Korea

XLPE Compound - Hyundai Engineering Plastics, Korea

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