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SoBind™ Balance

Brief Description

SoBind™ Balance soy polymers are a family of plant based, renewable products that are efficient binders and thickeners for industrial coatings. They are designed to provide a balance between performance, costs reduction and sustainability.

SoBind™ Balance soy polymers provide functional improvements compared to alternative binders,adhesives and rheology modifiers currently used in industrial markets today. Innovative production technology leads to a high degree of active sites on each molecule.

These products are used for partial or complete replacement of latex and other binders, viscosity modifiers and/or thickeners.

Typical Properties :-

SoBind™ Balance soy polymer is a binder, rheology modifier, and water holding agent. The hydrated polymer provides good runnability through colloidal stability and water retention.

User Industries

Paper & Board Coating, Textile Cone, Leather finishing

Principal / Supplier

DuPont Soy Polymers

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