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Wax Based Additives


Aquacer, Aquatix, Aquamat, Ceraflour, Ceracol, Cerafak, Ceratix, Hordamer, Ceramat

Brief Description

BYK produces various kind of Wax based additives like Water based emulsions of Paraffin/PE/PP/Bees Wax/Carnauba/Montan Ester/Blends (Aquacer/Aquamat/Aquatix), Solvent based emulsions/dispersions of waxes like EVA/Carnauba/FT/PE (Ceracol/Cerafak/Ceramat/Ceratix), also have a range of Micronized Waxes/Organic Polymers under the brand name of Ceraflour. These Wax based additives are used for properties like, anti-blocking, water repellency, gloss, slip, matting, scratch & mar resistance, release, anti-slip, anti-settling, orientation of effect pigments. Further under the brand name of Hordamer have special water based Emulsion which are produced using patented technology of polymerization under water and thus we get Primary Polyethylene emulsion which gives good release even at high temperatures and thus used in formulation of Mould Release Agents for Metal Die Casting applications.

User Industries

Genuine Leather, Packaging, Forging Lubricant & Foundry Wash, Ceramics, Paper Coating, Film Coating, Home Care, Leather Care, Car Care, Floor Care, Glass Fibre Sizing, Seed Coating, Mould Release Agent

Principal / Supplier

BYK Cera, Netherlands

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